Adform Tracking Point

Author: Simo Ahava
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The Adform tag template.

NameAdform Tracking Point
CategoryMarketing / Advertising Pixel
DescriptionThe Adform tag template.
Template TypeTag
Date Added18 Jun 2019
Date Updated18 Jun 2019
Template ContextsWEB
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Accesses a global variable (potentially including sensitive APIs)


Returns part or all of the URL of the current page

  • Specific
    • path
  • Injects a script into the page

    • Allowed URL Match Patterns

    Injects an invisible iframe with a given URL

    • Allowed URL Match Patterns

    Logs to the developer console and Tag Manager's preview mode

    • Only log during debug and preview
    • Reads data from the dataLayer

      • Keys
      • ecommerce.purchase.products