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User Properties for App + Web

Author: Simo Ahava
Added: 07 Aug 2019

Variable template that returns a User Properties object you can use in a Google Analytics: App + Web configuration tag.

Enhanced Ecommerce Object Builder

Author: Simo Ahava
Added: 01 Jul 2019

Build an Enhanced Ecommerce object when you need to dynamically construct it instead of using the dataLayer.

Yandex Metrica

Author: David Vallejo
Added: 05 Jun 2019

Yandex Metrica Custom Template

Uptrends RUM

Author: Martijn van Vreeden
Added: 21 Jun 2019

Uptrends Realtime User Monitoring (RUM)

Coveo Analytics - Script Loader

Author: Coveo
Added: 18 Jun 2019

Loads the Coveo Analytics script to log various analytics event into Coveo Cloud.

Algolia Search Insights

Author: David Vallejo
Added: 24 Jun 2019

Algolia Search Insights reports click, conversions and view metrics

Coveo Analytics - Log Event

Author: Coveo
Added: 18 Jun 2019

Logs an analytics event in Coveo Cloud